Value System

Management Philosophy
Recruit & Management is one of the most important things in managing company

Trust Quality Safety

ULTRA have contributed for happiness of employee, obtaining of customers’ faith and development of society since establishment. Especially, we have invested in valuation of customer and being tried to provide the qualified service with customer satisfaction

In order to achieve them, Ultra have being tried to recruit the right person and educate staffs recruited. Ultra is still investing on staffs and making a company which developing and obtaining the valuation mentioned

ULTRA way to worldwide
  • Role
  • Ultra has meaning of “Super”, “extremist” and we are providing service to
  • Target
  • All of ultra members, customers and all members of society and all of industrial field
  • Purpose
  • In order to provide qualified and deferent service which is not as same as normal
  • Business Range
  • To all of Factory Automation field, Robotic field and Automobile field
Core valuation
  • Generosity
    Overcoming fear about failure
    Remaking a new plan to do
  • Responsiblity
    Compliance with Ethics
    Completion a mission with
  • Teamwork
    Creating Synergy based on trust
    Understanding teammate with
    principle and fairness
  • Respect
    Respecting Colleagues with
    open-mindset, warmth and
    Encouragement feedback